What to Wear With Tribal Print Leggings

tribal-print-leggings-tunicsWhat to wear with tribal print leggings? I know, It’s a tough question and one that you may find yourself facing either at the store or as you stare into your closet half an hour before you are to meet some friends on a Saturday night.
Not to worry, we’ll help you get in-style in a jiffy. In short, keep it simple. Yes, with the bold patterns offered by tribal print leggings, they command attention. If they are busied by too many other distracting patterns then the outfit will fall apart (figuratively speaking).
TIP 1: Pair with a Tunic: One great pairing option is leggings with tunics. Tunics balance out the shapewear nicely. The free-flowing, billowy lightness of a cotton tunic softens the strong lines of the leggings. Have a look at some of these images on this page or check out this Pinterest Gallery.
TIP 2: Don’t Tie-In: Again, because of the bold patterns and colors of the TPL’s, don’t necessarily try to match the colors with other items in your outfit. It can potentially overwhelm the whole ensemble and end up looking too busy.
TIP 3: Pair with a T: A simple t-shirt can affect the outfit similarly to a tunic. Keeping it casual an also light is an easy answer to what to wear with tribal print leggings?!
tribal-print-leggings-tunics2Figuring out what to wear with tribal print leggings can be frustrating because they can be so loud and in-your-face in their patterns and colors. But don’t stress. There are plenty of options right in front of your face that you didn’t even think of. From the tunic to the t-shirt, rule number one: keep it simple! Don’t be afraid to experiment. By nature these shapewear are a little wacky so try  few combos you didn’t think would work and when all else fails. Ask your best friend. She’s always honest with what works and what doesn’t. May be too honest 😉